Review of the Rok Stogie Electronic Cigar

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The Rok Stogie is a disposable electronic cigar that performs really well, has a great taste and looks rather realistic......well, realistic with the exception of its bright blue LED! Rok tend to favour the bright blue coloured LED over a red one and although it takes away some of the realism it does also offer an advantage too. For example, a realistic looking E-Cig, E-Cigar etc can cause great confusion when being used in public places and will often lead to smokers thinking that it is acceptable for them to spark up a stinky. But if the device you are vaping has a blue coloured LED then it makes it very clear to others that what you are "smoking" is not actually a real tobacco product

As its a disposable that means you will vape it until either the battery dies or the juice dries up and at that point you will sadly have to chuck it in the bin. But with a 900mAh battery and holding 2.5ml of E-Liquid it will offer the occasional cigar smoker (vaper) many days of use. However, if you are a full time cigar smoker looking for a healthier alternative then it will be far more cost effective to purchase a rechargeable and refillable model as it will only likely give a full time cigar smoker a days worth of good vaping

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