Review of the Cannabi Null E-Liquid


Okay, so this review is a bit of a taboo subject as the liquid is made via extracting the flavour from Cannabis plants. However, i must stress that the type of hemp seed used has been EU certified for human consumption and is totally free from THC (the stuff that gets you high). Therefore this e-liquid is 100% legal and it is ONLY the flavour that has been used for the production of it

You will NOT get "high" from vaping it!

You will NOT get a sudden rush of the munchies!

When i was 1st contacted about reviewing the Cannabi Null my initial response was to decline as i felt it was a bit of a touchy subject. But after many discussions with people in the vaping community who's opinion i trust, i changed my mind as we all mentioned that we knew someone that does smoke the "wacky baccy" but would happily quit if an e-liquid was available for them to vape that had the same taste. So if this flavour can help to ween people off drugs then i feel that can only be a good thing

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  • Alex aldridge Friday, 04 July 2014

    Hi there. For my job drug test are regular this is not going to make me test positive. . Thank you

  • james Sunday, 12 July 2015

    Hallo there your videos are very helpful good job is there any chance you can help me get my hands on a bolt of the cannabi null e liquid as i'm finding it very hard to get hold of some ?

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