Review of the Scorpion Blood E-Liquid


Okay, its probably a good idea to point out that this is not actually made from real scorpions!

"Scorpion Blood" is simply the name of a rather groovy green coloured e-liquid that has been created by a Vapepit forum member going by the name of "Mido" and seems to be gaining popularity at an ever increasing rate. So what does it taste like? Well the best way to describe it is aniseed.....strong aniseed......actually, make that REALLY strong aniseed! A lot of people are finding the flavour to be very similar to the "BlackJack" sweets that most of us loved during our childhood and i can definitely see where they are coming from, but for me personally i find it to be almost exactly like those aniseed ball gobstoppers that we also used to love when we were kids

Either way, the end result is still a very strong aniseed flavoured e-liquid that is not for the faint hearted!

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Guest Sunday, 16 June 2019