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WHO Farcical statement!


So whilst perusing the Vapepit forum i stumbled across a thread posted by forum member "BAzz" to highlight a completely farcical statement made by a WHO (World Health Organisation) representative from the Philippines. The person was basically claiming that E-Cigarettes are more dangerous than a tobacco cigarette because E-Cigarettes do not have a filter! What kind of moron can make such a statement without any evidence or scientific proof whatsoever to back their claim? And this person is a representative of the WHO!

A more thorough report of this can be found here - www.eCigarette-Research.com 

And below is the news report:-



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  • Alan Friday, 05 July 2013

    Some times you just wanna tape up the button on a couple mechanicals so it continually fires, fill it with the worse tasting juice you can think ok, tape their mouth shut and stick the mechs up their nostrels

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  • igetcha69 Friday, 05 July 2013

    yep, lol :D

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Guest Sunday, 16 June 2019