Review of the Foggatti Hybrid LE


Being a big fan of the Foggatti genesis atomiser i will admit that i got pretty excited when the manufacturer announced that a body was being released which would turn it into a Foggatti hybrid!

The 1st 100 Foggatti Hybrids will be limited edition, hand turned serialised units and in the near future CNC versions will be made in larger quantities so everyone has a chance of getting their hands on one. I was very fortunate to be one of the lucky ones that managed to purchase a limited edition version and i really could not be happier with it. Made from 304L grade stainless steel and featuring a 4ml Pyrex tank, adjustable air flow and a fantastic switch and locking mechanism it is built to last and vapes an absolute treat

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  • Paul Stein Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Scott, thank you for your review! It aided my purchase of the product here in the UK. Have you heard of the V3 50 CAL Bullet? I am considering purchasing this product as it looks very interesting, however I searched your site hoping for a review. Can you give me any feedback on this mod?
    Best Regards

  • igetcha69 Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Hi mate,

    i actually received one of those in the post this morning!

    1st impressions:-

    Extremely well machined and absolutely tiny when used as a regular 510 mod in 18350 not kidding, it really is tiny! lol

    had a few issues with the full bullet style setup using the supplied Nova tank as the atomiser head was a bit of a dud. not overly keen on the bullet shaped drip tip either as it feels quite odd

    but ive only given it about 10 minutes worth of vaping so far so my opinion will likely change by the time it comes to record the review in a few weeks time



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