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Blog posts tagged in Hybrid

Most atomisers use either a Genesis style setup or a Silica style setup......but now you can have the best of both worlds as the Olympus is a highly configurable atomiser that caters for both! Its...

Genesis Hybrids are more often than not rather expensive and very hard to obtain as they are usually made in such small numbers unfortunately. But the iHybrid Pure aims to be a very affordable device...

Although i started vaping back in 2008 i would still have the occasional tobacco cigarette every once in a while, so in my mind i had never really had a true vaping anniversary as i had not gone a full year without a tobacco cigarette. Dont get me wrong, i went from being a 40 cigarette a day smoker to a once in a blue moon smoker so it was still quite an achievement, but nevertheless i still did not feel that i should praise myself when the anniversary of when i 1st started vaping came around :(