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Blog posts tagged in Story

Although i started vaping back in 2008 i would still have the occasional tobacco cigarette every once in a while, so in my mind i had never really had a true vaping anniversary as i had not gone a full year without a tobacco cigarette. Dont get me wrong, i went from being a 40 cigarette a day smoker to a once in a blue moon smoker so it was still quite an achievement, but nevertheless i still did not feel that i should praise myself when the anniversary of when i 1st started vaping came around :(

Just stumbled across a new vid that was uploaded by "VapingMonkey" (not a real monkey i should add) showing a guy doing a pretty cool trick which results in a rather unfeasibly large amount of...
Calling all Americans! Fancy meeting up with fellow vapers for a nice chat whilst also helping to fund studies that could potentially protect and safeguard the future of electronic cigarettes? Then head on over to...